A book on debt collectors!


Have bill collectors been calling you? For some, this line must have reminded them how these bill collectors served as blessings who saved their credit reputation by reminding them of past dues that were not taken care of, while others cringe on the sound of this word and instinctively withdraw or hide away. They do not want to have anything to do with these kinds of “professionals.”

John Kaempf, writer and seasoned collection officer, has completed his first book Have You Ever Received a Call From a Bill Collector? a humorous and informative book that Kaempf hopes will bring reconciliation to the debtors because of illegal, immoral, and humiliating acts that collectors are told and trained to do by their managers.

Kaempf dedicates this book to all the debtors he has called and they didn’t return his calls, all the debtors he’s sent notices, and didn’t return messages, and to all the debtors that think, ‘If I ignore this bill it will go away’. May your bills be taken care of. Especially to the debtors that cussed, screamed, and called him names, and yes they paid their bills by our legal office taking from their wages. Believe it, ‘Silence is not Golden’.

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, John Kaempf’s instructional work is a cautionary tale and is Kaempf’s attempt to establish a ‘new’ communication between collectors and debtors.

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