About Us

ALL ABOUT BOOK PUBLISHING (AABP) is a bi-monthly trade journal exclusively dedicated to book publishing industry in India. All About Book Publishing aims to informatically serve the industry associates and enable them to perform effectively. It will be a reliable information source for the book publishing industry.

Book publishing industry…

Explicitly being one of the world’s fast emerging economies and markets with immense potentials in book publishing, India is passing through a striking change. With the conceptually exciting and linguistically diverse book publishing scenario, it is perhaps the only nation in the world which publishes books in 37 languages, and ranks third in the publication of English books, immediately after the USA and the UK. Apart from producing over four crore school textbooks, nearly 75,000 new titles are published in the country every year out of which approximately one-third are in English language. Demographic profile of India also reveals huge market possibilities: according to some recent estimates, the current proportion of population under 25 years is 51 percent while the proportion under 35 is almost 66 percent of over one billion population. For bringing youth and books closer, the Government of India seeks to make all youths in the age group of 15-25 an ‘active readers’ by the year 2025.

The back-end support…

S-Media Group is a B2B media house that focuses on five verticals–publication of Magazines, books, directories, websites and other services. As we serve the printing, publishing, signage, newspaper and pet industries, our publications have been a proven medium to develop integrated business and marketing solutions among its readers. Along with our foremost titles like Print & Publishing, Sign & Graphics, All About Newspapers, Dogs & Pups and DigiSign Digest, we host prominent news portals titled www.signnews.in, www.printnews.in & www.printvacancies.com with deep concerns over the latest news updates and technology developments in the industry. So far, S-Media Group has been identified for its hard-earned reputations and enormous pride of whatever the group fits into. For more info, log on to www.smediagroup.in

The target audience…

•      Publishers
•      Authors & Editors
•      Colleges & Universities
•      Reviewers
•      Distributors
•      Book shops
•      Librarians
•      Marketing experts
•      Publishing & production professionals
•      Book printing establishments
•      And all those who are interested in the economics of book trade