Another thought-provoking title by Konark


How Neighbours Converge: The Politics and Economics of Regionalism, authored by Amb. IP Khosla and published by Konark Publishers, was recently unveiled by hon’ble M Hamid Ansari, vice president of India and M Rasgotra former foreign secretary.

Regionalism is paired with globalism, sometimes in opposition to it, sometimes working jointly, and there are a large number of theories that have been put forward to understand both these phenomena. However it is now more and more apparent that regionalism is the major driving force of today. That, too, makes it increasingly important, as well as interesting, to understand its different aspects.

This book explains regionalism with an emphasis on the various economic theories and models as well as other theories that have been propounded over the years since 1945. It has detailed case studies of three important regional cooperation ventures: SAARC; ASEAN and the European Union, in the hope that these will flesh out many of the theories.

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