Seekers of the Naked Truth

Collected Writings on the Gymnosophists and Related Shramana Religions


Author: Paul LeValley

Publisher: Motilal Banarasidass Publishers
(Pp 464, ISBN 978-81-208-4169-7, Rs 1000)
The Gymnosophists were a small religious group in India. They lasted only two centuries. But in their last days, they happened to meet with the invading soldiers of Alexander the Great. Marvelous things came from cross-fertilization of cultures — each with its own nude tradition. Greek art, and even athletics flowed east. Indian philosophical concepts flowed west.
Naked philosophers from exotic India, Alexander the Great, lots of atheistic religions, mind-opening logic, plagiarizing saints, pious medieval frauds: they’re all here in the world’s first collection of documents on the ancient Gymnosophists. This book fills an important gap in the bookshelves of nudists, as well as students of Indian religion, Greek history, philosophy, athletics, and medieval literature.
– Vasu V

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