The Arthashastra For Children


Author: Deepa Agarwal
Publisher: Puffin Books – an imprint of Penguin Random House.
(180 pages, ISBN): 9780143455318, Rs 299

Deepa takes young readers on a captivating journey into the intricate world of ancient Indian statecraft. The book not only serves as a valuable guide to governance principles but also connects the dots between the past and the present.

A standout feature of the book is its extensive coverage, addressing a wide array of topics such as the duties of rulers, social welfare, finance, town planning, law, justice, and foreign affairs. Deepa adeptly navigates through Kautilya’s teachings, providing a well-rounded understanding of the ancient wisdom found in the Arthashastra.

To sum up this book is a skillful and engaging exploration of ancient statecraft, making it an easy and enlightening read for young readers. With its comprehensive coverage, relatable comparisons, and beautiful illustrations, the book not only imparts valuable knowledge but also fosters an appreciation for India’s rich historical heritage.

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