BPI India launches new range of generic board games


Rejoicing kids to their heart’s content, BPI India Pvt Ltd introduces a new range of generic board games which are unique and different. These newly launched board games are not just unique in content but also innovative and creative in their approach. These game items have been designed keeping in mind the children’s demand for something new. The overall idea behind these generic board games is to allow children to learn while they enjoy the games. Designed around themes like good habits, jungle fun, space adventure, good eating habits, money management, sudoku and several others, each game has interesting twists and turns that hold children’s interest till the end.

These board games combine education with entertainment and teach young kids the preschool concepts, promote value education and develop fine and gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination, visual sequential memory, language and observational skills. Children also learn to coordinate their thoughts and actions together. In nutshell, BPI’s generic board games are not just fun and amusement; they help children in more ways than one by bundling together entertainment and education in a way which is interesting, challenging and out-of-the-box.

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