Scholastic Encyclopaedia of Dinosaurs


Publisher: Scholastic India Pvt Ltd
(Pp 80, ISBN 978-93-5275-459-5, Rs 399)

Dinosaurs have always intrigued us. These extinct creatures have been featured in books and movies time and agin. This book gives information on not just the old dinosaurs we all are familiar with but also the newly discovered ones, some even from India. The book gives information about where these extinct creatures lived, what they looked like and why they still capture our imagination.

Beautifully printed, the book is a treat to the eyes. With lovely illustrations and short information about each dinosaur amazing and distinct features, the book is a good read. Children will love to read crisp information, while at the same time looking at amazing images. The book takes you down to millions of years ago, when dinosaurs ruled the world. Interesting trivia is given about each dinosaur and a glossary of terms at the end of the book is quite useful. All in all, an interesting and informative book for all ages!

–Varsha Verma

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