Divided Minds War of the Worlds Within


Author: Sanjay Koppikar
Publisher: Sapna Ink
(Pp 282, ISBN 9789386116376, Rs 245)

The book Divided Minds is a tribute to scientists who are trying to make our lives better through nano technologies. As the name goes, characters in the book have divided minds – they are in a dilemma whether to go in one direction or the other.

Three parallel stories run together; but are entwined together. There is a brilliant scientist whose breakthrough in nano technology can change the world; a girl who has to choose between two men – one who stood by her in thick and thin and another who evokes deep feelings; and an army general who has to choose between his job and saving the nation.

The plot is interesting and reminds us how we battled the war within ourselves, making life’s toughest decisions.

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