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Jun Jul 19

Book burning and intellectual freedom

John Milton in his work Aeropagitica wrote, “He who kills a man kills a reasonable creature, God’s image, but he who destroys a good book, kills reason itself.” Here, G S Jolly shares his views on book burning and intellectual freedom.

Children Publishing

Marvel books come to India through Parragon now! Parragon Publishing India, a long time licensee for Disney for more than over a decade, now enters the arena of Marvel. Some of the favourite Marvel characters are: Iron Man, Captain America,…

Hindi literature: moving ahead with time!

Hindi print readership is growing. Indian youths are attracted towards Hindi literature. It is no more a language of shame or backwardness.New genres are coming up, translated books in Hindi are in vogue. Here’s more on the trends in Hindi…

Panacea for language needs of publishers

Translations are getting recognised like never before. Various publishers have started a new imprint for translations. Here, Vidula Tokekar, Director, TranslationPanacea shares her journey as a translator.

Illustrations: Adding life to stories

Illustrations feed the imagination of the reader, especially children.They have the ability to be taken in all at once, unlike an essay, a book or a movie. Images are accessible and can form an instant connection with the audience. AABP…