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–a unique paradise of valuable books Books give us knowledge, books give us light, books build our career and books give us strength to fight. In fact nothing can or should replace the book, neither the internet nor any other popular electronic devices. Delhi Book Store is well accustomed with this eternal idea and has chosen the way to serve the people by supplying all types of books in India and other countries. Truly, when someone needs a book, it is the name of Delhi Book Store (DBS) which immediately flashes in the mind. Yes, DBS, one of the unique book stores in Asia, is a well known and reliable name in the book industry to whom one can trust without any second thought, for obtaining a book of choice in good quality and within most reasonable price.

The man behind its glorious journey has been none other than Jeewan Kumar Ahuja, father of MD Vijay Ahuja. Vijay Ahuja is also a man in book industry with a challenging farsightedness and progressive vision. He has a strong passion to enrich his bookstore with selected, rare, valuable, and antique books.

DBS possesses an immense passion for every title of every field – be it the unique title of medicine, architecture, technology, a cutting edge reference book, novels of world-class novelists, or a classic text on religion and what not! Now the number of collection has crossed over 3,00,000. Just tell the name of a book, the skilled staff is ready to show you the variety of books of different publishers of that category and to please you by providing with the intended copy.

Besides procuring books from renowned international publishers, Delhi Book Store has taken exclusive distributorship of well-known overseas publishers like Springer, Auris Reference and Koros Press.

Delhi Book Store is not just about book distribution–DBS IMPRINTS, the publishing wing of DBS, is also blooming day by day gloriously with its hundreds of well-researched Handbook series which is rapidly gaining its credentials. DBS has showcased scores of books on science and literature, environments and ecology and many other relevant reference books.

It has recently published a key series on various subjects like Library and Information Science, Digital Library, Restaurant and Food Services, Professional Services and so on–providing research monograph related to leading edge aspects of the field that too by key authors.

DBS has a vision of flourishing the book industry in all possible ways by rendering perfect service tirelessly. With a mission to satisfy all customers – big or small, DBS is extending appropriate service in the most humble and advanced way.

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