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Measurement and laboratory systems

Author: Anuj Bhatnagar Publisher: Index International (Pg 302, ISBN 9788192773933, Rs 1295)

The book informs about various aspects of measurements, including a chapter on errors and uncertainty evaluation. The book tells about everything an operator/ analyst in a laboratory needs to know. It also tells what assessors would like to see in a laboratory during assessment.

Androgyny and female impersonation in India: nari bhav

Author: Tutun Mukherjee, Niladri R Chatterjee Publisher: Niyogi Books (Pg 356, ISBN 9789385285462, Rs 795)

This volume makes an effort to understand concepts of androgyny and ‘nari bhav’ or sensibility of the feminine beyond the anatomydirected definitions circumscribed within the dubious realm of the ‘third sex’, or ‘third gender’. The volume also presents interactions with performers of the dying art form of female impersonation.

Chalenges of Contemporary India

Author: Hemlata Singh and Rajkumar Singh Publisher: Kalpaz Publications (Pg 296, ISBN 9789351282099, Rs 950)

The book makes easier for us to understand, analyse and help solve near permanent internal problems of modern India. Today, the themes of postmodernism have made these issues all the more complex and without undoing the challenges the dominating status of India will remain exposed to harsh realities of the time.

Succesful Teaching with Creat ivity and Competency

Author: Jayaram Kanakala Publisher: Index International (Pg 173, ISBN 9788192773919, Rs 395)

The book is an earnest attempt to probe into the dimensions which govern and influence the teaching profession like creativity, professional competency and their impact on professional pleasure.

Kathmandu days the blight and the plight

Author: Chandra K Bhatt Publisher: Niyogi Books (Pg 194, ISBN 9789385285493, Rs 395)

Kathmandu Days: The Blight and the Plight mixes fiction and fact to tell the epic story of the 2001 assassination of the Nepalese royal family and its ongoing impact on the people of Nepal.

Indo-Pak Relations: Beyond Surgical Strike

Author: Dr Udai Vir Singh Publisher: Pentagon Press (Pp 360, ISBN: 9788182749344, Rs. 595)

Surgical or no surgical strike, the tiger of international terror is in no hurry to change its strips. To dissuade Pakistan from directing cross-border terror at India, the latter must develop capability and capacity to inflict unbearable damage to the trouble maker, each and every time it dares to play mischief. This work is designed to help the reader understand the situation with factual clarity.

Highway Maintenance and management

Author: Hou Xiangshen, Ma Songlin Publisher: SK Kataria & Sons (Pg 326, ISBN 9789350146149, Rs 525)

This textbook fully reflects the current highway projects, examples presented are the actual engineering situation, has good application and reference.

Tireles Border Diplomacy of India with China and Pakistan

Author: Rajkumar Singh Publisher: Gyan Publishing House (Pg 143, ISBN 9788121213257, Rs 950)

The book presents before us the recognised facts of India’s border diplomacy, its ups and downs along with diplomatic turn and twists, especially with the Peoples Replublic of China and Pakistan.

Scholastic Biographies: Ruskin Bond

Author: Shamim Padamsee Publisher: Scholastic India

The world of Ruskin Bond comes alive in this Scholastic biography, the fifth book in the series. This first-of-itskind graphic biography for children provides an insight into his life and times, pictures and anecdotes from his childhood, and what makes him the greatest children’s author in India.

Dog man

Author: Aaron Blabey Publisher: Scholastic India

Dog Man, the crime-biting canine who is part dog, part man, and ALL COP! With the head of a dog and the body of a human, this heroic hound has a real nose for justice. But can he resist the call of the wild to answer the call of duty?

Bridge Culture

Author: Liu Wenjie and Mei Jun Publisher: SK Kataria & Sons (Pg 366, ISBN 9789350146002, Rs 650)

The book Bridge Culture studies about the bridge culture development in China. According to age and type, the book carefully selects famous bridges both old and new, revealing their shape, technical, regional and national characteristics along with historical values and cultural connotations.

Traffic Design

Author: Yang Xiaoguang, Bai Yu Ma Wanjing and Shao Haipeng Publisher: SK Kataria & Sons (Pg 428, ISBN 9789350145661, Rs 995)

This book is a textbook for the purpose of general higher education. The book consists of eleven chapters, which systematically eleborates the basic theory and method of the traffic design and its application technology. In addition, it is referable for the technical and managerial personnel, who are engaged in urban planning, architectural design, municipal engineering design, road planning and design, and public traffic and traffic management.


Autor: Paro Anand and Orjan Publisher: Scholastic India

The book is a graphic novel that tells a story from two perspectives. Helga and Ganga travel to Goa separately and meet there in circumstances which alter the course of the rest of their lives.

The story enchants us by blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Under the sea, living the fantastic life of dolphins, they discover each other as well as themselves. This is a unique adventure of self-discovery – as much for the characters as their diverse creators.

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