Delhi State Booksellers’ & Publishers’ Association’s plans for 2024

Kartik Raj Kushvah, President, Delhi state Booksellers’& Publishers’ Association, shares their plans for the coming year!


The legacy of being one of the oldest associations brings with it a responsibility to guide the industry forward while staying true to its roots. Regular communication with members and a commitment to continuous improvement will contribute to the sustained success of the Delhi State Booksellers and Publishers Association (DSBPA). We aim to enhance support services for members, such as legal assistance, marketing support, and access to shared resources. We will ensure that members have the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in a competitive market.

However, we have the laid down following prospective plans to work extensively on the betterment and growth of the book trade:

Collaboration and networking: Strengthen ties with publishers, booksellers, authors, and other stakeholders, while also fostering a collaborative environment that encourages knowledge-sharing and mutual support. We will organize regular networking events, conferences, and seminars to facilitate interaction among industry professionals namely from National Book Trust, Indian Library Association & other associated departments.

Industry advocacy: We will advocate for policies that support the growth of the publishing industry. This includes issues related to taxation, copyright, and any other regulatory matters. We will also engage with government bodies to ensure a favourable environment for booksellers and publishers.

Collaboration with Other Associations: Foster partnerships with related industry associations to strengthen collective advocacy efforts.

Cultural and Literary Events: We will plan and organize literary events, book fairs, and festivals to promote local authors and publishers. Increase community engagement through cultural initiatives.

Awards and Recognitions: Introduce or expand awards to recognize excellence in publishing and bookselling.

Education and training: Develop programs that focus on the professional development of members. This can include workshops on marketing strategies, customer service, and industry best practices. We will also establish partnerships with educational institutions to create courses or certifications related to the publishing and bookselling industry. And also to organize seminars on regular intervals about being selling partner on GEM PORTAL.

Sustainability initiatives: We will introduce and promote sustainability practices within the industry. Encourage members to adopt eco-friendly packaging and responsible sourcing of materials.

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