Nurturing Hidden Genius: Igniting the Spark Within


Nelson Mandela rightly said,“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Books are an important tool for imparting education but we need books which can engage young minds while also focusing on value education. ARQUIN Press has launched Smart Child series, which aims to provide a one-stop holistic development of a child.

ARQUIN Press (an imprint of Pentagon Press LLP) has recently released the much-awaited, Smart Child series that aims to provide Creative Story-based Engaged Learning with a focus on value education.

Conceived and edited by Arjun Arya, a student of Grade XII at Springdales School, New Delhi, this book records a passionate student’s journey to learn how to live a healthy and joyful life and bring about transformation in others. Arjun’s vision is to empower his peer and young children to find their hidden potential and passion.

Arjun’s love for writing began during COVID induced lockdown. As all teenagers, he was also consuming a lot of digital content but gradually he could not stay away from the magic of the written word. He not only started reading but also started writing. COVID gave him enough time and opportunity to write.The Smart Child series is a culmination of his thoughts and aspirations over a period of three years. The series includes a set of four books: a) Think Smart, Be Smart, b) Stay Focused, Be Successful, c) Eat Smart, Grow Healthy, and d) Yoga: Stay Fit, Be a Hit.

The Series narrates the captivating stories of two characters, Jenny and Quinny, who face various circumstances that Indian children face in their everyday lives, and it shows how Jenny and Quinny overcome the situation with wittiness, wisdom and Yoga. This work aims to motivate modern-day students across India who face similar unique challenges and to show them how to get past them.

The series is also based on the National Education Policy which will be implemented soon. These books feature fun-filled activities for the holistic development of young children, focusing on inquisitive minds, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. As such, they can serve as an excellent tool for teachers who can extract tips for imparting holistic education.

A must-have for all school libraries; both children and teachers would find these books interesting and helpful!

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