Temple Trips – South India


Research and Written by: Janaki Venkataraman and Supriya Sehgal
Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd, New Delhi
(Pp 276, ISBN 978-1-74321-971-3)

The Hindu temples of South India offer pilgrimages that are voyages into faith, antique rituals and varied history. Song, dance, hymn and sculpture have sprung from these temples that have withstood centuries as centres of prayer. A temple trip to South India (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh) shows myriad hues of our rich tradition.

Researched and written by Janaki Venkataraman and Supriya Sehgal, Temple Trips- South India gives detailed information about 100 temples, 130 festivals, 20 pilgrimages, besides expert pick of history, heritage and culture. The book gives complete information for making perfect travel plans, right from accommodation, eating places, activities to do there, shopping areas and most importantly how to get around.

Exquisite pictures take the readers on a journey to these mystical places. A well-researched travel guide for all who wish to take a trip to South India or just enjoy the splendor in the comfort of their home!

–Varsha Verma

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