A Campaign Called ‘Victory India’


Author: Col B Dalvi
Publisher: Pentagon Press, New Delhi,
ISBN: 9788182748781, Price: 995

Being the third and the final episode of the Victory India series, A Campaign Called ‘Victory India’ is yet a culmination of painstaking efforts of veteran defense personnel who pen their perceptions and convictions concerning the aspects of selection, training and grooming of the Indian military officers. Responses received to the write-ups have also been added to complement and reinforce the author’s views in the book.

Divided into seven parts, segregating upon subjects and issues on: selection and grooming of military officers; corporal punishment and remedies; quality military leadership; nurturing of strategic leadership; use of holistic approach; role of media; and referral section, the overall content of the book is a collective contribution from 33 contributory authors and 34 respondents. While producing this book, the highest civil authorities, including the prime minister, president and military hierarchy of the Chief of Staff Committee, among others have been approached with concrete suggestions and multifarious alternatives for addressing the existing shortcomings related to the country’s quality leadership.

–Jyaneswar Laishram

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