What is Life?: from the Eyes of an Observer


Author: Anand Choudhary
Publisher: Winspire, An Imprint of Lifi
Publications Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
(Pp 77, ISBN 978 9382536796, Rs 95)

The book does not attempt to provide a quick fire solution to life’s problems, instead what it says is that man is the master of himself, and the knowledge lies within one to achieve one’s wants. Being suggestive rather than explanatory in nature, the book stimulate sone’s thoughts explaining that life is not just getting an education in order to get a job, than getting married and having children and eventually retiring.

There is something more than this to achieve in life. Divided in three parts explaining ‘What is life?’, ‘How to attain happiness’ and ‘Family, love and relationships’ the book also depicts the basic difference between the ordinary mortals and some of the greatest men in human history, who later listened to their inner voice and had the courage to follow it leading them to the path of greatness. This book helps to connect with one’s inner self whilst showing the path to achieve happiness that’s everlasting.

– Shailendra Kumar

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