Role of technology in education

Tarun Arora, MD, Tarun Publications, shares his views on how technology has helped in education during Covid and why it would remain an integral part of learning process


Tarun AroraEducation is a valuable tool that is necessary in everyone’s life. It has the ability to change society. But the question is how can weinstill in students a high quality of education that will benefit society. The answer to this question is the use of technology in education.

Impact of pandemic on education…

Our education system shifted from offline to online mode due to COVID-19. This change is only possible because of the latest technology. Technology is one of the best ways to overcome the loss of education in the pandemic period.

How technology helps…

The role of technology in education is as follows:

1. Provide better understanding: Technology helps in the clarity of concepts. It provides an interactive classroom that enables the student to learn in a simplified manner.

2. Self-paced learning: Technology provides 24×7 study materials. This way, the student can learn according to their learning capacity.

3. Availability of more resources: Technology provides more learning resources for teachers to engage students in educational activities.

Innovations at Tarun Publishers…

As a publisher, we are also responsible for increasing learners’ knowledge.For this, we have taken the following steps:

• We are strictly following the NEP-2020. For the accomplishment of the goals of the new education policy, we are providing a wide variety of books based on 21st century skills.

• We have included digital presentations of the various concepts through graphics. That gives priority to the cramming- free approach.

• We have included the latest teaching and learning methods in our books.

• We have launched learner-centered books, which are based on individual differences. It helps in the holistic development of the child.

• We have launched interactive activities in digital support so that it provides effective education.

In short, digital content serves as an aid to the physical book and technology will further help in more personalized learning materials, more engaging content, and a better understanding for advanced learning.

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