Pune Book Fair looks forward to in-person event in early 2022!

The next edition of the Pune Book Fair (Physical event) will be held from January 6 – 9, 2022.


Pune Book Fair is one of the largest book publishing industry meet held every year, cosponsored by the Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad and held at the educational and industrial city – Pune , the cultural capital of Maharashtra. The event has grown in quality and quantity each time and is today regarded as a major literary and business interaction platform in Western India by all stakeholders of the book and publishing industry.

Impact of pandemic…

“The pandemic has had a devastating effect on all sections of the society and has had the maximum impact on the exhibition industry, which is slowly coming to terms. For the first time since inception, Pune Book Fair was not held in year 2020,” says PNR Rajan, Convener, Pune Book fair. “But, thanks to the technology, we have been able to communicate with our regular exhibitors, visitors, authors and readers through digital platforms.”

On future of book fairs…

“As the second wave of pandemic nears its end, Book Fairs will not be the same anymore. It will have to have the added practices we have learnt to cope in the abnormal situations. Book fairs need to address requirements of the new normal. Concerns such as social distancing, wearing of masks, vaccination etc. will all be part of the new normal.,” he says.

“Though there is an increasing awareness and interest to use visual and/or hybrid options, so far the exhibitors and visitors are more interested in physical meets than the other options,” says Rajan. “Book readers have so far preferred the touch and feel option. Online Books Fairs which became necessary in situations like the Corona virus affected pandemic period, it will slowly gather importance and involvement of all. Though, at present they are not successful.”

“In the new age of book fairs, the online and /or hybrid models will be tried by various organizers from time to time. The event will be fine-tuned to suit requirements of one and all. We at Pune Book Fair will ensure that the modern day practices and the requirements of the new normal will be incorporated in our exhibitions, conferences and meets (both online and offline) so as to benefit one and all,” he adds.

The next edition of the Pune Book Fair (Physical event) will be held from January 6 – 9, 2022. Author-Reader Interaction Meets will be held in both (Virtual and Physical) mode.

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