Aao Hindi Sikhen- Vol 1&2 (Let’s learn Hindi)


Authors: Dr Bharat Singh and Keisuke Kato
Publisher: GOYAL Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd, New Delhi
(Pp192, ISBN 8183072097 (Vol 1), and Pp 251, 8183073107 (Vol 2), Rs 450 each +Audio CD)

Diversity in language is a part of Indian cultural milieu. Hindi language, though spoken by a large percentage of the country’s population, is still having its slackness in popularising among those who are non-Hindi speaking people and foreign nationals. Seeing the importance of the language in India as well as at international level, GOYAL Publishers & Distributors comes forward to making Hindi speaking easier than expected with the release of Aao Hindi Sikhen – Vol 1&2 including bonus audio CDs. Written by

Dr Bharat Singh and Keisuke Kato, foreword for both the volumes is written by none other than Prof Ashok Chakradhar, vice chancellor, Kendriya Hindi Sikshan Mandal, Agra.

In Aao Hindi Sikhen Vol 1, Hindi phonetics and Devanagari script are introduced in a scientific manner, so that learners/readers can easily follow the sounds and scripts. The scripts are narrated in a step-by-step manner, beginning with the practice of strokes and the sounds. Also included in first volume is a collection of lessons based on day-to-day life of a common man and interesting conversations which can make the learning process light and fun-filled.

Further, Aao Hindi Sikhen Vol 2 is a well planned and balanced in terms of teaching the structures and vocabularies of Hindi. Through this volume, readers could gradually learn to combine vocabulary and structure in the usage of the language. As the ears are doors to a language, development of pronunciation skills in these two books has been ensured through the provision of Audio CDs which can help learner pronounce any word correctly. Printed on coated paper in multi-colour, Aao Hindi Sikhen Vol 1&2 are suitably designed for classroom teaching as well as self learning.

– Jyaneswar Laishram

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