Yoga for Daily Life


Author: Krishan Kumar Suman
Publisher: Lotus Press, New Delhi
(Pp 296, ISBN 978-81-8382-108-7, Rs 295)

Yoga has always been a part of Indian lives. It is the science of right living and is important for all aspects of a person – physical, vital, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual. It is our Indian cult and way of spiritual life.

The book is divided into 11 main chapters like Yogi Postures, Controlling the life force, What is concentration, Yoga in office, etc. Each chapter describes various yogas for our betterment. Sketches and pictures simplify the yogas further. The book emphasizes on a routine daily practice for a healthy and spiritual well-being.

An easy-to-follow book, it would be a great help for people wishing to adopt yoga in their day-to-day-life.

– V Verma

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