Silent Screams


Author: Farida Ahmadi,
Publisher: Sham M Book Co, Afghanistan,
(Pp 194, ISBN 978-9936-8035-0-3)

Farida Ahmadi draws a gloomy picture of discrimination that women face. The bok draws inspiration from the pain which immigrant women share with the author. The book portraits ten women who have in common that they feel powerless and depressed, lonely and violated. They are poor and represent a part of the new underclass. They feel discriminated in their meeting with institutions like the health system and the social welfare system. They feel mistrusted by doctors and have no contact with ethnic Norwegians. They seldom have the opportunity to leave their home and do not understand Norwegian language well. They are controlled socially by their husbands and suffer under lack of belonging in Norway. “Pain and being a woman are two sides of the same coin,” says one of the women.

Deeply moving, the book stirs our soul…leaving us thinking whether God really created everyone equal?

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