JPH Saral Yoga Shiksha


Upper Primary Stage) & (Secondary Stage)
(Hindi Edition is also available)

The purpose of education is not only to impact knowledge but more importantly tap the hidden talents and potentialities of students. Yoga helps in achieving this aim by their systematic, scientific practices. As we know practice is the keyword in yoga, some major benefits that a student can get through a sincere practice of yoga are better concentration, improved memory, reduced stress and tension, increased peace and joy.

As a member of the yoga expert team of NCERT, I looked at the role of yoga from various angles. Through the regular practices of yoga it is possible to transform skillfully the vanity and competitive spirit of students into useful form of energy. These were the views of the members of the team that yoga in classroom should not be confined to physical exercises or asanas only. The role of Yama, Niyama, Pratyahara, Introspection and Meditation is equally important in harmonious development of personality of the students.

The main emphasis of the textual materials of this book is in developing physical fitness, emotional stability, concentration and mental development among the students. This book contains five units, besides and yogic materials of NCERT curriculum some essential topics are also included in it. There is a special features, rules, regulations with clear and perfect postures of competitions.

As the yogasana competitions are essential part of the school yoga education, thousands of students participate every year in different kinds and categories of yogasana competitions. I hope the guidelines and illustrations given in this book, will help the students to prepare and participate in better way in yogasana competitions organised in national and international level. I wish the students and other yoga practitioner will appreciate the efforts of UR Mediratta & Mehul Mediratta (Chairman of Jiwan Publishing House Pvt Ltd) JPH team.

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