Dreamland Publications: where imagination meets education

The publisher is set to unveil several new titles, expanding their offerings to provide even more enriching experiences for their readers.


Dreamland stands as a distinguished publishing house and a renowned name in the world of children’s publishing. It is known for its outstanding selection of books that blend entertainment with education seamlessly. Adored by children and parents, their diverse range includes captivating picture books, heartwarming storybooks, and interactive activity books, ensuring something for everyone. “We are delighted to unveil several new titles, expanding our offerings to provide even more enriching experiences for our readers,” shares Anuj Chawla of Dreamland Publications.

Nurturing creativity…

Nurturing creativity and fostering a love for learning has always been at the heart of Dreamland’s mission. With cherished classics like Scissors Skills, Finger Print Art Books, and Window Cut Board Books, our dedication to engaging children in interactive and educational experiences remains unwavering.

Unveiling new titles…

Building upon this legacy, they are ecstatic to unveil over 100 new titles, each brimming with the promise of adventure, discovery, and boundless imagination, to delight readers at the upcoming Bologna’s Children’s Book Fair. “From enchanting storybooks that whisk readers away to magical realms to hands-on activity books that spark ingenuity and skill, our forthcoming collection is poised to captivate young hearts and minds worldwide,” he adds.

The Bologna Book Fair provides a prestigious platform for Dreamland Publications to showcase their dedication to excellence in children’s literature. “We are eager to connect with fellow enthusiasts, educators, and industry professionals, sharing our passion for nurturing young minds and igniting a lifelong love for reading and learning,” concludes Anuj.

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