Pune Book Festival 2023:

A Triumph of Words and Records – Breaking Guinness World Records with Literary Splendor


Organized by the National Book Trust India (under Ministry of Education, Government of India), the Pune Book Festival achieved a remarkable feat by securing four Guinness World Records, establishing itself as a significant event for the city of Pune, for the state of Maharashtra, as well as for the entire Nation. Embracing the vision of “Padhega Bharat, Badhega Bharat,” the festival, in alignment with the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s goal of fostering a reading nation, marked its first record on December 14, where a staggering 3066 parents participated in the largest reading activity, reading to their children simultaneously. Continuing the momentum in promoting a culture of reading, the festival clinched its second Guinness World Record on December 15, with a display of India’s Multilingualism, 7500 copies of a book in 22 languages were arranged to form the word “BHARAT.” The festival’s commitment to literary diversity and inclusivity shone through this achievement. The third Guinness World Record was etched on December 16, where a staggering 18751 copies of the Marathi edition of the book “Exam Warrior” by the Hon’ble Prime Minister were organized to create the inspiring word Jaytu Bharat! This display of literary prowess celebrated both language and leadership. Adding to the festival’s accolades, an impressive fourth record was set on December 22, a remarkable 11,043 Indians bagged the world record for the largest video album of people reading a single paragraph in 30 seconds, showcasing the enthusiasm and dedication of the participants.

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