Golden era for Indian language publishing!

With deep penetration of Internet and increase in reading habits, the Indian language publishing is thriving.


Prabhat Prakashan is one of the leading publishing houses in India. Here, Piyush Kumar of Prabhat Prakashan Pvt. Ltd, shares his views on the language publishing in India.

On Union budget…

In a push to government’s efforts to promote indigenous languages and Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) among the youth, the Union Budget 2023-24 has set aside ?300.7 crore for the national institutions for the promotion of Indian languages, an increase of 20% from 2022-23, and doubled the fund for the IKS scheme, on which Piyush says, “It’s great to hear that there is an increase of 20% budget for Indian knowledge systems. Surely this money shall come and rotate in the publishing Industry. This shall bring an upward trend in volume of Indian language publishing.”

“Infact, this is the golden era of Hindi publishing industry with deep penetration of Internet and increase in reading habits. Hindi books on online platforms and from bookshops are selling in very large numbers,” he adds.

On translations…

“There are many Hindi Bestsellers that are being translated into English and other Indian languages. High end technology is enhancing and getting translation at the fastest pace with high quality,” he adds.

On technology…

Prabhat Prakashan is leaving no stones unturned to utlilise the benefits of technology. “We have 10 members team in digital department working very closely on Kindle Books, I Books, Google Books, OTT Platform, Audio Books and Ecommerce Platforms. We publish over 10 new E-books every day and sell our 1000 E-books each day,” shares Piyush. “Besides, we sell almost 5 printed books every minute (24 X7) on E-Commerce platforms across India.”

On asking about his views on AI in publishing, Piyush replies, “AI is going to change the face of the Indian publishing industry. AI is not a threat to us, it is an open case of opportunity for all of us.”

“The Indian publishing industry, especially Indian languages, have a very bright future,” he concludes.

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