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July Aug 22

Publishing: winds of change

Lalitha Ravindran of First Forays Literary Agency shares her views on the changing face of the publishing industry, specially when it comes to author-publisher relationship.

Innovative digital content is the way forward!

The digital age has given rise to new challenges in education, cost, quality, accessibility, and more, because of which ingraining technology in the field of education is no more an option but a necessity. One of the most significant…

Role of technology in education

Tarun Arora, MD, Tarun Publications, shares his views on how technology has helped in education during Covid and why it would remain an integral part of learning process

Mystery Of The Missing Cat (SMS Detective Agency Book 2)

Author: Ravi Subramanian Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books (Pp 136, ISBN 978-93-5489-484-8, Rs 299) Another book from Ravi Subramaniam for children, who will love the colourful cover and equally beautiful illustrations inside. The…

Learning made easy!

Sumitra Behera shares her views on the edtech revolution in India and how it has impacted not just school and college education, but also upkilling and reskilling.

In Solidarity With Ukrainian Publishers…

Last issue, All About Book Publishing reached out to two publishers in Ukraine to know more about the Ukrainian book market before and during the Russia-Ukraine war. Here, we bring you views from another Ukranian publisher Vikhola.