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Jan Feb 22

Decoding The Art Of Book Promotion In Modern Times

Sharp thinking, latest strategy, and clever use of digital media with sensible tweaks in marketing plans are a few dictums, which are strongly recommended by most book marketers across the globe. Here’s more on the art of book promotion.

Joy Of Reading For Every Child…

A library that hangs on the wall; a large repository of openly licensed high-quality children’s literature; setting up of 5600 Gram Panchayat libraries for children in Karnataka; structured book reading programme; annual storytelling…

It’s not just a book anymore!

Books can now come to life… start talking, telling, moving or singing. Armen Martirosyan, head of the Antares Media Holding, shares the innovations they offer in their books.

First woman director of the Madrid Book Fair in 80 years

The Madrid Libraries Guild has announced that Eva Orue will be the new director of the Madrid Book Fair. The journalist and writer replaces Manuel Gil. After eighty years of celebration, Orué will be the first woman to direct this fair.

Original The Jungle Book to be released soon!

SP Books has collaborated with the British Library to release the original manuscript of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book for the very first time, until now preserved by the British Library since Caroline Kipling bequeathed it to them in…