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Feb Mar 19

Audio books: a new but growing segment

The audiobook is still new, we know less about listening to audiobooks than reading. Storytel offers audiobooks in around 20 different languages in 15 different countries. Here’s more on this growing segment of publishing.

Nari Shakti becomes the Hindi word of the year for 2018

Oxford Dictionaries has announced ‘Nari Shakti’ as its Hindi Word of the Year for 2018. The Hindi Word of the Year is a word or expression that has attracted a great deal of attention and reflects the ethos, mood, or preoccupations of the…

Niyogi Books launches Hindi Imprint

On 9 January 2019, the day preceding the World Hindi Day (10 January), Niyogi Books launched their latest imprint Bahuvachan, dedicated to Hindi titles. It was launched by Dr Karan Singh, Indian politician, philanthropist, poet, and a…

Parragon launches two business books

Parragon Publishing India recently launched two books — Make in India (English, Hindi and Gujarati editions) and 7 Steps to Master the Art of Selling (English and Hindi editions). According to Vineet Sharma, MD, “Currently, we are printing…

Book on poems on trains released

Over and Underground in Mumbai & Paris by Karthika Nair, Sampurna Chattarji and illustrated by Roshni Vyam and Joelle Jolivet was released in New Delhi recently. Alexander Ziegler, Ambassador of France, remarked that this is a…

Print’s here to stay!

Vikrant Mathur, Director India and Asia-Pacific for Nielsen Book Research, shares a few statistics of India’s demographics and its impact on the Indian publishing industry.

Feb March 19

EDITORIAL Celebrating 10 years of All About Book Publishing! PUBLISHING NEWS SPOTLIGHT India and France: the literary and cultural exchange! FOCUS Good number of Hindi translation from Sharjah! LONDON BOOK FAIR The London Book Fair 2019 to…

SC Sethi: a legend in his life time

SC Sethi has remained President of FPBAI unopposed for 15 times and has again been elected as President recently. GS Jolly shares more about this publishing icon.

Book Releases

Who is afraid of the rakshas sweetie-man? Author: Ranjit Lal Publisher: Pratham Books (Pp 12, ISBN 978-93-8742-318-3, Rs 35) Samar and Nivya are terrified of the Rakshas Sweetie-Man. He looks scary, and oh, does he eat little puppies? When…