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What exhibitors want?

Book fairs provide great opportunity to catch up with the publishing fraternity, booksellers, authors, and book lovers under one roof, besides providing a platform to exhibitors to showcase their offerings, brand building, sale and purchase…

Industry’s Voice For Policy Change

FICCI’s request for categorising books as essential item and opening of bookshops to Government of India (Ministry of Human Resource Development, Ministry of Home Affairs,Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade).

Education system- Highlights

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) will develop a new syllabus and textbooks by April 2023- Says Director Hrushikesh Senapaty with a purpose of developing 21st Century learning skills among students. NCERT…

Making publishing easy for first-time authors!

Many talented writers and authors who get rejected by traditional publishers, get published through self-publishers. One such self-publishing platform is Power Publishers, which has diversified into audiobooks and videobooks as well.

Future Of The Publishing Industry

I was given a number of lessons on how to make work from home easy. Work area, get organized which I am, and the one I particularly like is reschedule distractions. In the midst of all this, like many of my friends, I was forecasting (right…