Karma Sutra: An Insight Into How Our DeedsInfluence Our Destiny


Author: Ritu Sharma

Publisher: Hay House

(Pp 232, ISBN 978-93-88302-29-6, Rs 299)

We cannot change our destiny, but we do have the power to control it. But if we cannot change our destiny, how do we have any control over it? Enter karma—the powerful law of cosmic cause and effect. Karma Sutra is an endeavour to elaborate the theory of karma and shed light on the many ways in which it influences our life. It also attempts to explain the universally paradoxical theme of why good people suffer and the evil flourish. The first part of the book is based on the concept of the theory of karma, while the second part describes the influence of karma in our life through the story of Mahabharata. Though it is not a new concept but readers will find it easy to understand the mysterious ways of our universe and make them think how their past and present deeds may alter the course of their life.

-Vasu V

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