The Future Of Books Look Bright

Says Vijay Ahuja of Delhi Book Store in conversation with Varsha Verma.


The pandemic has affected all trades and book trade is no exception. But, with schools and colleges opening up, book trade is also hoping quick revival. “The future of books look good. Schools and colleges are now opening up after the hiatus due to the Covid pandemic. Libraries and research institutes are constantly on the lookout for new books in all subjects and this year, we hope that books sales will increase significantly,” tells Vijay Ahuja of Delhi Book Store (DBS), which is Asia’s largest bookstore.


Spread over 20,000 square feet of working area and equal storage capacity and over 2,50,000 titles on display, DBS sprawling showroom in Daryaganj, New Delhi, is a sureshot stop for academicians from far and near. It is one of the most trusted names in providing educational books to individuals, institutions, retailers, libraries, agents, schools and colleges across the country.

DBS has a wealth of books with considerable strengths in the Medical, Science & Technology, Humanities, Social Sciences and General. Ably run by Vijay Ahuja and his son Prateek Ahuja, they are not just the importers of best quality books in India, but are also the publishers of handbooks in various disciplines.“We offer the best of the best books available across the world for the last seven decades. In the academic world, there will hardly be anyone who has not heard our name,” shares Vijay.

What’s on offer?

DBS is the exclusive distributor of many reputed international publishers like Arcler Press, Delve Publishing, Auris Reference, Koros Press, Magnum Publishing, Intelliz Press, 3G E-learning, Callisto Reference, Clanrye International, NY Research Press, Hayle Medical, Foster, Larsen & Keller, Syrawood Publishing, Willford press and ED-Tech Press.

“There is an increasing demand for foreign research books as they have the latest research works despite the fact that Indian publishers are also coming up with research works. DBS offers books from leading international publishers and we continue to strengthen our repository of books so that Indian students and researchers get the best and the latest books in their fields,” shares Vijay.

DBS ventured into publishing with DBS Imprints – with a clear vision of serving the nation with world-class top notch reference books of every academic stream. “We are bringing unmatchable quality of handbooks in all subjects. Our handbooks are available on all subjects, ranging from agriculture to science. There are books on non-medical and higher education, covering topics like hotel management, journalism, global warming, ecology, climate change, agriculture, chemistry, information technology, etc,” added Vijay.

What’s more?

DBS has stocked around 5000 new titles across all categories from newer publishers. They are also offering new children’s books. “We are hoping that book trade will soon return to its normalcy. The future of books look bright,” concludes Vijay.

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