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R. Rajagopal, Director, Logic Soft Pvt. Ltd, shares how they are aiding publishers to grow their business and attain sustainability.


Logic Soft has been providing tailor made software for thebook trade since the past 35+ Years. “We take pride in the nuanced understanding we have of the trade and this gives us the ability to innovate, bringing higher value at lower cost,” tells R Rajagopal, Director, Logic Soft Pvt Ltd, software solution providers to the book trade (publishing, distribution & retail).

What’s new?

“One of the latest innovations we have brought to the publishing sector is a mobile-based comprehensive representative management solution. This was custom developed for a leading publishing house. Their representatives are always moving out and about, talking to relevant customers and dealers, taking orders and managing discounts. It is important to keep track of specimens and conveyance reimbursement bills among other tasks. Till now, this was sporadic, and totally unmanaged. Our solution brought order to this chaos and streamlined the entire process. Everything now has to be done via the application which is user-friendly for the representatives. The managers can see the work being done by their team members and take actions accordingly. The work done has to go through a process of approval via a sequence of intelligent algorithms that help with decision making in the most seamless way possible,” tells Rajagopal.

“Given that the process was running for many years without automation, this gave us enough data and enough cases for us to write an intelligent automation layer on top of the processes, thereby allowing us to make this module work end to end — from the representatives to the managers to the stakeholders with the least amount of human intervention. Administrators are emailed only in edge cases or if they choose to be voluntarily,” he adds.

The benefits…

“The value this has brought to our customer is immense. Information about upcoming orders along with discounts agreed post authorization by managers, flows to the right branch and is ready for billing. The business can now rely on the information from the system to make decisions on print run quantity. This meant that their print runs are now much more predictable with better accountability. The representatives no longer have to rely on chits of paper that are unorganized— now they have all the information they need at their fingertips to pitch the right things to customers and get the deal closed. It is a win-win situation on all sides,” he shares.

Other offerings…

“Some of the other pieces of innovation that have helped our publishing customers are Royalty calculation (an otherwise underestimated activity that takes months to complete, automatable in seconds) and print run wise profit reports (that give the publishers up-to-date information about the profits they are making based on their print runs). We have always believed that a software that is strong at the foundation helps a publisher to grow their business surely and achieve better profits. That is what Logic Soft promises –absolute and total control of your business,” concludes Rajagopal.

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