It’s not just a book anymore!

Books can now come to life… start talking, telling, moving or singing. Armen Martirosyan, head of the Antares Media Holding, shares the innovations they offer in their books.


Have you ever seen books come to life, start talking, telling, moving? Have you ever dreamed, for example, of seeing a Little Prince traveling the planets while reading? “We publish books, the images of which can be seen in the book through the 3D effect. In other words, the picture comes to life, it can be touched and felt with a completely original paper.The Little Prince is a vivid example of such printing,” shares Armen Martirosyan, head of the Antares Media Holding.

The company…

Founded in 1992, “Antares” Holding has achieved a stable position among leading companies both in Armenia and abroad. The Holding includes a publishing house, advertising agency, design studio, package design, and production. The Holding has marketing and advertising services and cooperates with the manufacturing sector with a number of enterprises,and all this was achieved due to the company’s management that combined modern hi-tech equipment with highly professional human resources.

The motto…

“We bring ideas to life, combining creativity, quality and professionalism. Numerous diplomas and awards from international and regional competitions, festivals, book fairs and exhibitions are the best proof of our achievements,” tells Armen Martirosyan. “Our motto is Per Aspera ad Astra and we are moving through hardships to the stars.”

Innovations in textbooks…

“Have you ever dreamed that in addition to textual content, textbooks also have AR / VR solutions, through which the child will understand the whole lesson and will have the opportunity to master it even more easily. This year, we presented to the public school textbooks, which are equipped with such technologies. Imagine a child is learning physics with this book and by holding the phone over pictures in the pages of a book, he/she is able to see on the phone all the experiments that he/she/ cannot physically perform in the classroom. And with the help of these technologies, he/she is able to master the subject even better,” shares Armen.

Citing another example, Armen shared,“We have presented modern textbooks of literature. Through them, the child does not have to simply memorize the biographies of famous writers. He/she gets acquainted with the interesting episodes of the writers’ lives, and through special technologies, he/she watches videos from the lives of those writers, as he/she listens to how the celebrities read the poems or stories of that writer. Or he/she listens to the songs based on the poems of that writer. And all this using the children’s favorite – cell phone. This innovation of Antares has managed to arouse great interest, it is already used in Armenian schools.”

Innovations in children’s books…

Besides, Antares Publishing House has published children’s books, which do not leave any child indifferent with their peculiarities. “We put special sounds in children’s books; when the child presses the mentioned place, the book starts to sing and to make different sounds. These develop both the child’s visual and auditory abilities, because, for example, a story based on the work of a composer that children read becomes more impressive and memorable for children when they listen to the work of the composer,” he adds.

In addition to these innovations, Antares publishes singing books, developing various games, and other interesting books that will not leave any reader indifferent.

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