New book publisher to make history


Vic’s Lab, LLC, will be the first company to publish original English light novels, the first to distribute original content and similar self-published books on a social networking website, and the first to have suggested age ratings on the front of each book published. The company will focus on fans of young adult science fiction and fantasy books—especially those who also like superhero movies, anime, RPG video games, and similar media.

Paul Witcover is the editor for the company’s first book, Vecto: Vengeance, an original English light novel written by Reid Kemper. Witcover has worked for Del Rey, Tor, Tokyopop, and DC Comics and has written a Nebula-nominated book.

The goal of the website is to connect authors and fans of young adult science fiction and fantasy stories, with a focus on written content similar in theme to superhero movies and anime. Light novels and typical-length books will be offered for sale on the website.

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