Parragon Publishing India ambitious plans for wider reach


PPIPL UK, the holding company of Parragon Publishing India, has launched three imprints – Toran Press, Open Door Editions & Little Chilli Books which is sold worldwide. PPIPL UK has association with publishers in Europe to publish in European languages like German, French etc. for its new titles being published under imprints.

 Vineet Sharma, Managing Director & Publisher, Parragon Publishing India, shares, “The year 2020 was tough and it continues to be so but we have effectively utilised this time to take stock of content which is most vital. We are in complete sync with children to what they want and provide them a learning experience where they are eager to read and learn. Our team has successfully spent this period in restructuring, reinventing our strategies and goals. We focused on new content, renewing our catalogue, and taking digital driven initiatives. Our catalogue of 800 titles, now consists of 500 new titles.”

Besides, Parragon Publishing India is foraying into the digital space with some interesting alliances which shall be announced soon. They have plans afoot for e-books, audio & video books across various genres and not just limited to children’s books.

Toran Press visualizes to produce content which will be the gateway for both adults & children to gain knowledge of cultures from across the world. Some of the series planned under this project are: Storyseeker Series/ Cool, Calm, Me/ Positive Play/Doodle It/Self-help Books/ Mind, Body, Spirit While, Open Door Editions imprint is envisaged as the doorway to knowledge & information for varying age groups. These encyclopedic series will include incredible & modern images that are sure to grab the attention with facts, comprehensive descriptions and Q&A. The visual books range under this imprint are a must-have resource to stimulate the curiosity of young minds.

Little Chilli Books imprint is an economy range of story, activity, early learning & reference books, primarily targeting mass market. It offers co-edition opportunities to large retail chains and publishers across the world with flexible range to suit their seasonal & budget range. Parragon sells its books under Parragon imprint in Indian Sub-continent & MENA region. In FY22, Parragon will release anywhere between 450 -600 titles in India & MENA region. Around 300+ books will be released in Q-1 of FY22 & they plan to release 15-20 titles every month during the rest of the year.

“We are in a process of re-inventing and rediscovering an eclectic mix between print and digital. We are finding ways in which we can reach out to our audience by increasing interactivity while exploring technology,” says Vineet Sharma.

Parragon Publishing India have brand licenses for publishing Disney/Marvel/Star-wars/Mattel/Nickelodeon in India. They also have publishing alliances with Igloo Autumn Books, UK, Sassi Editore, Italy & Lake Press, Australia.

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