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Aware and Awake

Author: Mamta Shah
Publisher: Diamond Books
(Pp 155, ISBN: 978-93-5296-186-3, Rs. 195)

This book brings a screne calmness in the worldly chaos around us and also gives a vision in the moments of darkness.

Wonder Kids 100 Children who grew up to be Champions of Change

Author: Anu Kumar
Publisher: Hachette India
(Pp 204, ISBN: 978-93-88322-07-2, Rs. 299)

From Anne Frank to Malala Yousafzai, Marco Polo to Muhammad Yunus, Jesse Owens to Thandiwe Chama, Jagdish Chandra Bose to Albert EInstein, Wonder Kids gives you a peek into the childhoods of icons from different walks of life.

The dance of storytellers

Author: Rachna Ramya
Publisher: Niyogi Books
(Pp 360, ISBN: 978-93-86906-88-5, Rs. 1,495)

Kathak: The Dance of Storytellers explores the philosophical and practical aspects of Kathak dance-its origin, development, and techniques.

Investigating this compelling dance style from cultural and historical perspectives, the book delves into the essential principles of Kathak, its schools and major artists, the format of Kathak performance, repertoire, Kathak music, predominant trends in training, and the system of practice through the lens of theory and application. A rare resource, the text is a comprehensive read for dancers, teachers, and Kathak lovers.

Life of the middle-class aged in Kolkata

Author: Sinjini Roy
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pp 255, ISBN: 978-93-5324-055-4, Rs. 850)

Instead of blaming the younger generation for the “uncared”, lonely, deserted, suffering elderly, as is done in most of the literature and the media, the present book portrays the life of the middleclass aged in Kolkata in the light of changing family relations in the changing urban social space. The book explores the social processes through which the present generation of the elderly population travels from multi-generational big households to single-member households and reach a stage when the family care system breaks down.

All about leadership

Author: JPS Jolly
Publisher: Diamond Books
(Pp 159, ISBN: 978-93-5296-660-8, Rs. 150)

Understand the meaning of true leadership, its importance and qualities, and how to become an effective leader going through this book. And a similar wave will arise within you as the one that runs in the blood of great leaders-with the help of which you will be able to attain the heights of leadership.

Socioliterary cultures in South Asia

Author: Anisur Rahman
Publisher: Niyogi Books
(Pp 320, ISBN: 978-93-86906-95-3, Rs. 650)

Socioliterary Cultures in South Asia presents seventeen studies on authors, texts, and issues under three sections that represent different secular traditions, imaginative landscapes, and realistic configurations. It examines social, political, secular, and cultural texts from five South Asian sites – India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka – to represent a larger kaleidoscope of ancient and modern heritages.

Bollywood secrets

Author: Maan Singh Deep
Publisher: Diamond Books

(Pp 328, ISBN: 978-93-5296-439-0, Rs. 600)

This book is a memorandum of the author of “Bollywood Secrets”. Whatever has happened, the author has presented it very honestly int his book. After reading this book, readers will have an opportunity to learn a lot about the people of the film world and to understand many other things.This book contains such an interesting memoirs that you have never read in any of the film journals.

Half man a novel on the naxal movement

Author: Asim Mukhopadhyay

Publisher: Niyogi Books
(Pp 344, ISBN: 978-93-86906-97-7, Rs. 450)

Asim Mukhopadhyay’s Half Man goes to the very heart of the Naxalite Movement in Bengal. The novel also focuses on the horrifying repression of lakhs of displaced people in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra during the Narmada Bachao Andolan in Gujarat. In the novel, the massacres are witnessed by an innocent village youth of south Bengal, semi-literate but intelligent and wise beyond his years through his experiences, poor but courageous, who is tortured, humiliated, thrown out of his village and chased from one place to another and is ultimately turned into a social activist who realises that the tail of the gecko is not the system.

The climate solution

Author: Mridula Ramesh
Publisher: Hachette India

(Pp 344, ISBN: 978-93-88322-20-1, Rs. 399)

From fatal heatwaves and cruel droughts to devastating floods and fast-depleting water tables, climate change is the greatest disruptor of our time. For most of us the odds seem overwhelming and the solutions out of reach. Yet, in this forcefully argued book, climate change practitioner Mridula Ramesh emphasizes that while the situation is grim, it is not without hope.

A Tigress Called Machchli and other True Animal Stories from India

Author: Supriya Sehgal
Publisher: Hachette India
(Pp 299, ISBN: 978-93-88322-15-7, Rs. 299)

A crocodile who loves eating rice. A photogenic tigress who ruled Ranthambore. Cheerfully told and charmingly illustrated, these animal stories, collected from cities, jungles, rescue missions or even your neighbourhood are funny, fascinating and downright adorable.

Kumbh: Festival of Cultural Awakening

Author: Gunjan Aggrawala

Publisher: Diamond Books

(Pp 182, ISBN: 978-93-5296-677-6, Rs. 295)

This book is different from other books; because there is less of the spiritual and philosophical aspect in this book and an effort has been made to keep it factual and objective. Difficult to access historical documents have been searched and found out and made a part of this book. Apart from this, the language of the book has been kept very simple and lucid so that an ordinary reader can easily understand what the ‘Kumbh’ is all about.


Author: Deepa Agarwal

Publisher: Hachette India

(Pp 245, ISBN: 978-93-88322-17-1, Rs. 399)

Selentra, youngest of three siblings born to a weaver’s family living in the dark-forested hills of Kote, suddenly discovers that she has the extraordinary gift the Ancients spoke of.

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