Enchanting Stories from India and Abroad


Author: R K Madhukar
Publisher: Moonlight Books
(Pp 252, 978-81-936839-6-5, Rs. 325)

Who doesn’t like to sit in a time machine and go back in time to a distant place, a different world, a world full of sea queens and golden dolls, bandits and monsters, snakes and tigers, cursing birds and talking crocodiles, dense forests and steep mountains, and sultans and maharajas?

This book is an assortment of twelve beautifully illustrated and enchanting stories from the folklores and mythologies of diverse countries including Korea, China, Brazil, Iraq, Egypt, Kenya and Greece, besides India. These are absorbing and engaging stories – stories that arouse curiosity, catch attention and hold interest. No wonder that these stories have been passed on from generation to generation, by word of mouth.

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