Aisle Be Dammed


Author: Rishi Piparaiya
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
(Pp 216, ISBN 9788184954654)

Humour can be sourced from anywhere, anytime at any angle in whatever walk of life. A spotlight on this, Aisle Be Dammed is an absolutely funny take on air travel which readers would never expect. It might turn out to be hilarious out of those usual activities around airport or inside a flight. There is nothing funny about travelling in air but Rishi Piparaiya shows everything as through there is always fun if seeing whatever from the funny angle.

Aisle Be Dammed is one of the well-written humours which centers around a simple theme with wonderful visionaries unfolded in different chapters. The author attempts to narrate anything and everything in a flight, which makes readers aware about how to deal with whatever situations one can experience during air travel, for example, how to make sure air hostess takes extra care of you, the way to start conversation with wealthy travelers sitting next in the business class, how safe is a window seater compared to those sitting on isle sides when it comes to dealing with some terrorist hijackers under a mid-air hostage situation… everything in humour! This book will surely give readers a giggle inside the plane if read before or after boarding. Try it!
–Jyaneswar Laishram

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