Scrapbook – Children’s Publishing Conclave 2018

Scrapbook – Children’s Publishing Conclave 2018 will focus on the important aspects of child’s individual learning requirements, and the vital role publishers can play in addressing the same.


Publishing for children including K-12, leisure, and supplementary covers 71% market share of the Indian book publishing sector, which is the largest chunk of the publishing pie. It is expected that literacy rate in India will increase in coming years.

Publishers play a vital role in the education sector. They add value in the process of curriculum development by producing learning resources that are based on research and trials, and are designed to stimulate academic success, adapted to the changing needs of learners and their teachers and are fit for purpose.

India has become the second largest market for e-learning after the US. The sector is currently pegged at INR 137.04 billion and is expected to reach INR 390.56 billion by 2020. Users of online education in India are expected to reach 9.6 million by 2021 from 1.6 million in 2016.

Also, the way students have been taught in the classrooms has been evolving continuously; smart classes, e-learning resources, audio-video materials, augmented and virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. The education technology industry has a vital role to play in the emerging content delivery mechanisms for students as well as teachers. With emergence of digital content & delivery mechanisms, IP protection is of utmost importance. It is imperative to protect the copyright of digital content and prevent privacy.

With these remarkable achievements, government’s focus is on improving quality education in schools, especially in rural areas. To achieve this, there is need to focus on the learning outcome of the children.

Scrapbook-Children’s Publishing Conclave 2018

FICCI has instituted this platform to explore possible collaboration between various actors of the eco-system including children content creators, publishers, offline and online service providers, technology disrupters, teachers, schools, parents, children, and policy makers. Scrapbook – Children’s Publishing Conclave 2018 will also focus on the important aspect of child’s individual learning requirements, and the vital role publishers can play in addressing the same.

The one day programme will focus on the following issues–

  • Policy advocacy to nurture collaboration between schools, government and children’s publishers to enhance learning outcome in K-12 educational space.
  • Highlighting concerns related to children’s content of schools and academicians to government and publishing sector.
  • Addressing the role of publishers in curriculum development.
  • Collaboration with the edu-tech companies.
  • Implementing theory of artificial intelligence on children content to enhance learning outcome.

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