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Wild Cat! Wild Cat!

Author: Sejal Mehta
Illustrated by: Rohan Chakravarty
Publisher: Pratham Books
(Pp 191, ISBN
978-93-86906-20-5, Rs 30)
Written by Sejal Mehta and illustrated by Rohan Chakravarty, the book introduces early readers to the various wild cats found in India. Ideal for Level 1 reading, this book is available in English and Hindi and priced at Rs 30/-. This is the third story from the PhoneStories- Wildlife series.

Emerging Horizons in INDIA-VIETNAM Relations

Editors: Shakti Sinha & Sonu Trivedi (Eds.)
Publisher: Pentagon PRess
(Pp 274, ISBN
9789386618375, Rs 1095)
This book focuses on the emerging contours of India-Vietnam relations in the backdrop of the enduring partnership between the two countries which has progressed and matured over the years. Though the diplomatic relations between these two countries is 46 years old, but the relationship between India and Vietnam goes beyond this symbolic gesture of numbers. The book seeks to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the relationship with one of India`s most significant strategic partners in Southeast Asia – Vietnam – in the changing geo-politics of the region.

National Maritime Power: Concepts, Constituents and Catalysts

Authors: Vice Admiral Pradeep Chauhan, Capt
(Dr) Gurpreet S Khurana
Publisher: Pentagon Press
(Pp 252, ISBN 9789386618320, Rs 795)
India is poised to resurge as a maritime power, with cooperative engagement as its most prominent pan-regional characteristic. The book appraises the various facets related to India’s ascendance as a maritime power, and lays down policy-relevant recommendations to assist the national policy-makers to chart the ‘way ahead’. This book additionally seeks to address policymakers in other countries of the Indo-Pacific region, as also extra-regional State entities that are actively seeking to engage with India.

The Visitors

Author: Catherine Burns
Publisher: Legend Press
(Pp 272, SBN (Hardback): 9781787199859, ISBN (Paperback): 9781785079177, ISBN (Ebook): 9781785079160, £14.99 (Hardback) £8.99 (Paperback) £3.99 (Ebook))
Marion Zetland lives with her domineering older brother, John, in a decaying Georgian townhouse on the edge of a northern seaside resort. A timid spinster in her fifties who still sleeps with teddy bears, Marion does her best to shut out the shocking secret that John keeps in the cellar.
Until suddenly, John has a heart attack and Marion is forced to go down to the cellar herself and face the gruesome truth that her brother has kept hidden. As questions are asked and secrets unravel, maybe John isn’t the only one with a dark side.

Zanskar to ziro no stilettos in the himalayas

Author: Sohini Sen
Publisher: Niyogi Books
(Pp 246, ISBN
978-93-885285-86-8 Rs 995)
Zanskar to Ziro: No Stilettos in the Himalayas is a travelogue about two women’s decade-long love affair with the Himalayas. Their 10,000 – kilometre trail stretched from the remote Zanskar Valley in Ladakh through Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Nepal, Sikkim, Bengal and Bhutan to Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh. It is the ‘female gaze’ that sets this book apart, since it narrates how women cope with ‘being woman’ amid a rugged terrain. The ladies have ambled along the mountains also with an eye for the aesthetic and the curious, a heart for the exotic, and an ear for the local lore or a recipe.

Rereading tagore

Author: Amiya Dev
Publisher: Niyogi Books
(Pp 246, ISBN
978-93-86906-30-4 Rs 450)
This is a reader’s book. It looks at Tagore through his texts. It reads his novels Gara and Jogajog in depth, and Char Adhyay as a crucible of our time. His plays Dakghar and Muktadhara are taken up briefly but succinctly. That he is above all a poet is amply illustrated, not by his poems alone but songs—a principal thrust in these pages. His love a Nanak along with other medieval Sants is part of his vision of India.

A faceless evening and other stories

Author: Keerti Ramachandra
Publisher: Ratna Books
(Pp 436, ISBN
978-93-86600-49-3 Rs 299)
From the hundreds of short stories written by Gangadhar Gadgit, this representative collection has fourteen in English translation.
Gadgil’s stories are relevant, long after they were first published in Marathi, since the changing social structure, the pace of life, the tension in interpersonal relationships and the consequent angst that he depicts, remain essentially the same.

If a river and other stories

Author: Kula Saikia
Publisher: Ratna Books
(Pp 199, ISBN
978-93-86600-51-6 Rs 299)
In a narrative that is fresh, spontaneous and inventive, Kula Saikia delves into the inner feelings of his characters to explore their psychological landscape. This collection of twenty stories in English translation represents a rich oeuvre that earned the author the Sahitya Akademi award in 2015, for his ‘post-modernist style of storytelling with an occasional touch of magic realism’.

Birthday Gift

Author: Alok Choudhary
Publisher: Diamond Books
(Pp 326, ISBN
978-93-5165-593-0 Rs 250)
This novel ‘Birthday Gift’ presents a very interesting and romantic love story of modern youth.

Food Monster

Author: Meenu Thomas
Illustrated by: Rohan Chakravarty
Publisher: Pratham Books
(Pp 12, ISBN
978-93-8742-312-1, Rs 35)
From roti to dosa and chakli to barfi, there are different kinds of food you can eat across India. Food Monster explores the shapes of these food items. The illustrations in the book are inspired by Gyotaku or ‘fish rubbing’, an old printmaking technique used by fishermen to record their catch.

Scratch! Scratch! Scratch!

Author: Dawa Lahmu Yolmo
Illustrated by: Samidha Gunjal
Publisher: Pratham Books
(Pp 191, ISBN
978-93-8742-320-6, Rs 35)
Manu loves jumping and counting. But trouble starts when she gets the itchy and scratchy chickenpox. How can her family stop her from going scratch scratch, scratch?

We are… B’coz of yor

Author: Pankaj K Singh
Publisher: Diamond Books
(Pp 208, ISBN
978-93-5278-687-9 Rs 250)
Women have a great desire to do something for society and the nation. Wherever and whenever they have got the opportunity, they have proved their capability and their mettle. This book is on women empowerment & will surely show a new path for thinking about the half population.


Author: C.G. Salamander
Illustrated by: Reshu Singh Publisher: Pratham Books
(Pp 12, ISBN
978-93-8742-310-7, Rs 35)

Kayal bounces her ball a little too high. Meet the different people in the neighborhood who try to help Kayal catch the ball in this counting book. Ideal for level 2 reading, and available in both English and Hindi.

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