I Wanna be Happy


Author: RVM
Publisher: Sterling Paperbacks
(Pp 87, ISBN 9788120755963, Rs 195)

Happiness is all what we seek, but not everyone is happy. Why? RVM explores the reason why people are unhappy and gives 6 simple steps to happiness. Do you really know what makes you happy? Do you really make efforts to make yourself happy? The book teaches you how to find happiness in life. It helps you know what makes you happy and how you can retain the happiness. The book also helps you to eliminate joy stealers from your life so that you can be happy for the rest of the life.

Written in a very simple manner, with no jargons, the book uses motivational language and helps you seek happiness in life. Happiness is guaranteed…if only, you want to be happy – that’s the mantra of this book.

The author, RVM, is a ‘Positivelife’ philosopher, author, singer and motivator. Businessman turned philosopher, RVM has built a RVM Humanitarian Home and Hospital to help poor. This book is an extension of his philosophical talks about happiness.

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