The Holy Woman


Author: Qaisra Shahraz
Publisher: Tara India Research Press
(Pp 560, ISBN 9788183861380, Rs 395)

An epic drama of love, passion and betrayal, The Holy Woman is a powerful and compelling romance in a Muslim family that reminds us of the conflicts between modern life and old traditions. Zarri, the glamourous daughter of a wealthy landowner falls in love with Sikander, a business tycoon. But, his father dislikes Sikander and prohibits their marriage. Soon after, Zarri’s brother dies and her father forces Zarri to become his heiress, resurrecting an ancient tradition that requires an heiress to remain celibate for the rest of her life. Zarri’s designer clothes are replaced with black burqa, something even her father could not stand. With many twists and turns, Zarri does gets her share of love.

Beautifully written, the book beautifully depicts human emotions, especially female emotions. Once you start the book, you just cannot put it down.

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