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Dreamland offers diverse children’s books that feature fairy tales, early learning books, colouring books, various activity books, educational charts and much more. Here are a few new titles from this publishing house:

Dictionary – an essential tool of language

A dictionary is a compilation of words ranging from letters A-Z. For a systematic study of any language, a dictionary of that language is a prime necessity. Dreamland’s Concise English Dictionary is specially designed for children who are curious to build a great treasure house of vocabulary. Concise English Dictionary has ample of entries covering sciences, literature, nature, cultural words, phrases and their meaning. Numerous examples of usage, separate notes on grammar and vocabulary building are the prominent features of this dictionary that give clear explanation.

Dreamland also offers Mini English Dictionary to cater for the needs of children at home and school. Being compiled in simple language, easy-to-understand definitions and examples, this handy dictionary could be of great help to everyone.

As well as offering a treasure of information about words, Dreamland Publications’ Dictionaries include a wide range of additional features like quick notes on grammar, pronunciation, spellings, idioms and phrases with usage, popular quotations, etc. Uniquely, user-friendly these dictionaries will definitely enrich your treasure-trove of English language, expand your understanding of words, and ensure you are using them correctly.

Super Code Breaks & Super Criss-Cross

Activity books are fun and the key is to always make the readers tackle boredom as well as boost creativity and mental energy. Break a code means to succeed in understanding something that is written in a secret way. Codes have been used throughout history whenever people wanted to keep messages private. There are a number of different ways of making codes. Criss-cross Puzzle is an antidote for boredom and downtime. The children seem to enjoy doing this kind of activity.

Dreamland’s Super Code Breaks and Super Criss-cross are fantastic and highly stimulating puzzle collection that is a fun, brain-teasing activity books for the children who want to exercise their brains. These books are a great way of keeping the brainpower in great shape. Whether one is looking for a relaxing coffee break moment or really wants to test one’s skills, there is sure to be something for each one here.

These books are a perfect gift for a clever child or an inquisitive mind who wants a puzzle-book to be Fun and Relaxing or for developing Vocabulary and Logical-thinking. They can put their brainpower to the test with our fun battle of wits!

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