Second Encounter


Author: Ramapada Chowdhury
Publisher: Niyogi Books, New Delhi
(Pp 118, ISBN 978-93-85285-44-8, Rs 295)

What happens when one comes faceto- face with the person you loved when you were young? It is sure to give sparks…but what happens next depends on individual to individual. Second Encounter is a story of Anupam and Anjali who meet after twenty years. This chance encounter turns their lives upside down as a lot has changed. They meet and speak freely and soon realize that their love has remained constant over the years. All is well until they realize that Anupam’s teenage son has fallen for Anjali’s daughter.

Life is not simple, they realize. They ponder over the depth of their unspoken and unfulfilled love, their values and outlook towards life and other questions that go in their minds as they explore the myriad shades of love. Many readers will find a streak of their love life as well.

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