The Gods of Antartica


Author: Yashvardhan Shukla
Publisher: The Readers Paradise
(Pg 165, ISBN 9789382110385, Rs 195)

A 13-year-old teenager, Yashvardhan Shukla has brilliantly depicted his own sprouted state of mind, an adventurous one, well blended with the tender creativeness of a young mind. He has finely crafted a fictional story in which he tried to cast outland demons wrecking his house and causing chaos… but it’s all in his dreams. Written in a peculiar Hollywood sci-fi movie style, the story presents spooky journey of the protagonist i.e. DAVID who meets Godly creatures accidently, at the Southern-most hemisphere of the Earth, Antarctica. The book holds the readers’ interest in the wake of knowing what is next, but the abrupt ending of the story, leaves an open end for its sequel… just like Hollywood! Overall, it is a good fictional piece of writing.

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