Corpokshetra: Mahabharata in the MBA Yug


Author: Deepak Kaul
Publisher: Westland Ltd & Bloody Good Book
(Pp 124, ISBN 9789385724930, Rs 200)

The story of Mahabharata has never failed to amaze us. It is still so relevant in today’s time, though the situations are different. That’s the essence and the inspiration for the book Corpokshetra. The cover is interesting– Krishna dons a cap with his iconic peacock feather while Kauravas and Pandavas are fighting on the desk. Yes the book is a modern corporate Mahabharata.

There’s a twist to the characters, Hastinapur is a business empire, Bheeshma the man behind it, Duryodhan runs it while Dhritrashtra owns it. Pandavas have come out of exile (working for NGOs) and now want their share. Krishna is the consultant who is good at negotiations and corporate deals. What follows is a corporate boardroom – Kurukshetra – which sees 18 days of war of the words and some cricket and golf in the last two days.

The book has a humorous angle to it – wanting the reader to know what happens in the end, though everyone knows the climax of Mahabharata.

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