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An upcoming distributor wishes to foray into publishing, while a publisher seeks to become a distributor, but they do not have the required know-how. Here’s where the role of publishing consultant comes in. Here, Sahil Gupta of shares how they can help publishers, authors and technology companies to overcomes the hassles and grow together, in conversation with Varsha Verma.

Sahil, with its digital publishing consultancy knowledge, intents to help publishing companies to adopt highly competitive and flexible publishing operating models, and drive publishing cost reduction in order to grow their businesses. “We work with a number of retail and distribution partners in India and abroad, guiding and enabling publishers from planning and budgeting, to finished products, including apps, IT infrastructure, and for sale of print and ebooks,” says Sahil Gupta, publishing consultant, specializing in digital rights and ebook sales. He advises publishers on all aspects of digital publishing through this consultancy business.

An experienced negotiator, with expertise in digital contracts for both selling and acquiring ebooks and other digital products, his expertise includes copyright law and publishing rights, including complete understanding of digital technologies & publishing.

Service for publishers…

“We are aiming at optimising the small and mid segment publishers, who have amazing good content but are not able to sell them enough due to some hurdles either in their resources, infrastructure or their work culture. Our main purpose is to advise, consult and connect them to appropriate vendors and chalk out a plan to overcome their problems,” told Sahil.

“One of the major challenges for the publishing industry is ‘being digital,’ which is no longer an add on to the physical publishing business. Over the next ten years, the entire environment in which content is used and transacted will undergo a complete overhaul.

Publishers need to reengineer their businesses and for this they will require new systems to take the new digital enterprise from product to consumer. We help publishers connect to the right technology partners, who are not only cost-effective but can also provide quality services, told Sahil.

“Moreover, we can help publishers get in touch with the technology providers who offer services like book editing, checking for original content, print on demand, marketing and promotional software, email marketing , social media marketing etc,” he added.

Besides, can also help publishers in promoting, marketing and selling their product globally through eBook vendors such as Apple, Google play, Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, B&N Nook, etc. “We can also help you in listing your product on book aggregators such as and,” told Sahil.

Service for authors…

“Many a times I have seen authors with an excellent manuscript, with poor editing, which makes it difficult for them to find a publisher. At, we help them to vet their manuscripts and find the right publisher. We also help them bring out an ebook, told Sahil.

Service for technology providers…

Technology companies play a vital role in the publishing industry in this digital age. “We help technology companies in designing apps and test packages related to the publishing industry. Besides, we also help them connect with the publishers,” told Sahil.

Looking ahead…

“Many a times, publishers do not have clauses for ebooks in their contracts, which can become a big problem in future. So, we help in legal vetting as well. These are just a few problems; infact we get to know of different problems at both micro and macro levels. We are looking at more collaborations in the industry so that the overall industry grows,” concludes Sahil.

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