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Rodin and the Dance of Shiva

Edited by: Katia Legeret-Monachhaya
Publisher: Niyogi Books
(Pp 148, ISBN 978 93 85285 15 8, Rs 795)

In this book historians, artists and poets—both French and Indian— bring us a new vision of Rodin’s work. Rodin invites us not only to a new reading of his work but also opens the door to a new vision of Indian theatre and dance. The connections that he suggests between sculpture, poetry, dance, theatre, music, photography and architecture have a particular contemporary resonance.

Operation India One

Author: Shiv Kumar
Publisher: OM Books International
(Pp 349, ISBN 978 93 83202 24 9, Rs 295)

This is an interesting book very much like any political thriller with lot of action. The author tried very well hit on Naxal problem in certain areas in Bihar. He wanted to bring about change in the society by pointing out the cons and depicting the struggles and methods of Naxals with a very good message for the betterment of the society.

The Magic of Health, Laughter and Lo ngevity

Author: Sudesh Gogia
Publisher: Notion Press
(Pp 195, ISBN 978 93 52062 19 5, Rs 199)

The book contains message to humanity. Informed by postmodernism but moving beyond it, the book levels the playing field of romance and love for genuine encounters between the past and the present theology.

Princely Palaces in New Delhi

Author: Sumanta K Bhowmick
Publisher: Niyogi Books
(Pp 263, ISBN 978 93 83098 91 0, Rs 2,500)

Rajas and maharajas from all over the British Indian Empire congregated in Delhi to attend the great Delhi Durbar of 1911. A new capital city was born New Delhi. Soon after, the princely states came up with elaborate palaces in the new Imperial capital Hyderabad House, Baroda House, Jaipur House, Bikaner House, Patiala House, to name a few. This book delineates the story behind the story, documenting history through archival research, interviews with royalty and unpublished photographs from royal private collections.

Ego Goes: Divinity Grows

Author: JP Vaswani
Publisher: Gita Publishing House
(Pp 135, ISBN 978 93 80743 91 2)

The book helps to take the initial steps towards annihilating the ego. Dada’s simple analysis breaks down the formation of the ego and its effects. In his downto- earth and practical manner, he shows how the ego tries to dominate our lives and presents simple steps to conquer this hidden virus which destroys us.

The Simple Way (15 rules of transforming life)

Author: JP Vaswani
Publisher: Gita Publishing House
(Pp 120, ISBN 978 93 80743 90 5)
A book to be cherished by anyone seeking guidance and inspiration for a life lived well. Brought together in this book are some of Rev Dada’s reminiscences and reflections on certain events and incidents in his childhood and youth.

Tiger in You

Author: Shiraz Mukherjee
Publisher: Niyogi Books
(Pp 328, ISBN 978 93 85285 12 7, Rs 395)

This is the story of self-realisation of five musician friends— Rahul, Imran, Jessy, Keya, British-born Hazel, and the swashbuckling Bhombol—all fresh graduates from college, deep in the mudflats of the Sunderbans. This book is about that awakening within them, reminiscent of the majestic power and roar of a Royal Bengal tiger.

Mosquitoes Flies and the Lion …Power struggle in the jungle

Author: Poonam Baijal
Publisher: Pothi
(Pp 54, ISBN 978-93- 5254-319-9)

The lion is challenged as The King of the jungle… The Fox and The Jackal connive to dethrone him… But it is The Mosquitoes and The Flies who are the new kingmakers.

Indian Society and Polity

Author: Joseph Benjamin
Publisher: Gyan Publishing House
(Pp 197, ISBN 9788121213073, Rs 590)

The book discusses the multi-dimensions of Indian society. An attempt is made in this book to review and analyse major issues of contemporary Indian society. In this book a sincere effort has been made to cover extensively all the major aspects prevalent in Indian society and polity.

Indian Higher Education at a Crossroads

Author: Khwaja M Shahid and Bhanu Pratap Pritam
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pp 296, ISBN 9789351281535, Rs 490)

The book expects to present the Indian Higher Education from governance & administrative perspective before the reader. Authors made an effort to locate the contemporary Indian Higher Education from developmental technology.

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