Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture


Publisher: FLTRP, China
(Pp 146, 45 RMB)

This book is a part of the Translation and Communication Project and as the name suggests, gives a peek into the key concepts in Chinese thought and culture. The book features concepts and keywords or phrases the Chinese people have created or come to use that are fundamentally pertinent to Chinese philosophy, humanistic spirit, way of thinking and values. They represent the Chinese people’s exploration and rational thinking about nature and society over thousands of years.

For other countries, these concepts open the door to understanding the spiritual world of contemporary China and the Chinese people. And these concepts are universal – they may help resolve many difficult problems people may face.

Written in both Chinese with translation in English, it is easy to understand and offers readers substantial food for thought. Beautifully produced with Chinese inscription on the cover, the book is a must read for all those who wish to know more about Chinese philosophy and culture.

– Vasu V

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