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June July 20

Reading: A Skill To Acquire In Childhood

Books are our best friends; they play a vital role in our lives. They are our friends, philosophers, and guides. Vijay Ahuja of Delhi Book Store shares why it is important to inculcate good reading habits in children.

Let’s Hear The Young Voices In Indian Publishing!

A new WhatsApp group ‘Women in Indian Publishing’ has been created as a platform where younger women in the industry have the opportunity to air their concerns and connect with each other. Here’s more on this unique social media group.

We Will Overcome This Crisis

These are challenging times. The COVID-19 pandemic is a real global crisis, like we have never seen before. It will have profound implications for our businesses and we will have to adapt.

The Story Ink: Scripting New Success Stories

Sidharth Jain’s The Story Ink boasts of over 75 book to screen adaptation deals in just one year! What makes a book attractive enough to be adapted to screen, finds out Emma House of Oreham Group in conversation with Sidharth.